C-7 constantly going offline

Didn't help. Hub went down and the rule didn't activate, meaning that maybe the IP address didn't change.
I will try connecting it to a different router, but even if it works there's nothing I can do because I can't change out the provided ISP's device.

You keep saying the hub "went down"... What exactly are the symptoms that you are seeing?

It becomes inaccessible through the browser on devices connected to LAN. I described the situation at the beginning of the thread/post. It's like it is off, but the green LED on it is lit.

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Saw that but wanted to make sure that another condition hadn’t crept in as “down” and “inaccessible” are two different conditions in my mind.

May want to consider enabling the Extended Network Data, and sending out a notice every 10-15 minutes with the localIP, lanIPaddr, dnsStatus, dnsServers attributes

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I will see about enabling the Extended Network Data.

Connected to a different router (MikroTik Chateau LTE, not connected to the internet), the hub stayed online for multiple hours without going offline as before. As expected, the problem is in the ISP's network device. Next step is trying adding a switch or asking ISP for bridge mode so better network device can be added to solve this problem. The core of the problem is yet to be discovered so the thread will remain open.
Thanks for help

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