C-7 and Zooz Power Strip Driver Bug?

@mike.maxwell I am tagging you since you are the driver guru..

I have a Zooz ZEN20 power strip installed on my C-4 HE hub. It is using the built-in Zooz Power Strip driver. It has all of the Preference options as shown here:

I have a buddy I have been helping with his new C-7 hub. We installed his Zooz ZEN20 power strip on his and it is working correctly and created the 5 component child devices. However, he has none of the Preference options available to him. Here is a screenshot of his options:


We have installed it non-securely, securely, it makes no difference. Here are the data details should you need them from the C-7:


Anything more to try??


We'll start looking at drivers after we get the C7 platform tamed a bit more.



There is actually a C7 driver tracking thread.

Yeah I saw that after I posted.

Stardate 20210610:

I've got a similar issue. I had a couple of C5s and upgraded to C7s. I've got 8 of these Zooz Power Strips and 2 of the 8 don't have all the preferences options that the other 6 do.

Just thought I would share since the last update on this topic was 8/20.

Did they by chance pick up the wrong driver when paired? Also have you tried hitting configure? I am guessing there is a State Variable or Device Details data point that did not load correctly and it is causing the preferences to not show. Only a dev who can see the driver code would know for sure.

It’s possible, and yes, i did hit configure, but will be resetting/deleting and repairing and will configure again.

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