C-5 to C-8 Upgrade - All is well

A few days ago I replaced my C-5 that has been in service for (I'm estimating) 2+ years. Generally the C-5 has been very reliable. I was a little reluctant to upgrade since it really didn't seem necessary. I bought a C-7 when it was released. Other than powering it up to register and using it to test a couple of devices from time to time, it has sat dormant on my workbench.

Following the directions in the Hubitat migration video, I had no problems with the process. Some of the devices and automations were a little slow to respond. After a couple of days with everything having time to settle, I would have to say that pretty much everything is noticeably faster. Also looking at the routing table, the vast majority of my devices are now communicating directly with the C-8, including some in my detached garage. This in itself is pretty impressive since my hub is located in the basement of the house.

I would have to say that this upgrade has been easy, without problems/glitches and a great improvement for performance. I'm quite pleased!


Curious - have you tried pairing a battery powered Zigbee device?

I have a few Zigbee devices including:

Sonoff SNZB-03 Motion Sensor
Thirdreality Motion Sensor
Sage Doorbell Sensor
Smartenit ZBMLC30 30A Load Controller (non-battery)

Everything moved over without a problem. The SNZB-03 is misbehaving, but I only have it as a test device and it's showing a battery of 1%. I was able to exclude and then reconnect it to the C-8. It was showing motion always active according to the hub, but I think it may be fine with a new battery. All the other devices have been working as they did with the C-5.

EDIT: I did just notice that the battery powered Zigbee devices are not reporting battery level on dashboard tiles. They are showing on their respective device property screens.

I ask because everything transferred over and worked perfectly for me. Best upgrade ever.

And then I added a Zigbee device and found Zigbee wouldn’t work correctly for post-upgrade paired devices.

I’m glad that doesn’t affect you.

I'm in the same boat, what did you do with your c5 and c7 now?
Debating if I pull the trigger on the C8, and if so, do I keep it was failover backup from my C5, or do I go C5->C8 and maybe use my C7 as an app Hub? Too many choices :slight_smile:

I expect I'll likely keep them kicking around. More likely than not, I'll pick-up another C-8 as a spare. It would be difficult, particularly on my elderly mother, to adjust quickly enough if all the automations she's become accustomed to came to a screeching halt. This would limit downtime instead of moving backwards one or two versions of hub. When (that is IF) I ever find enough time, I would like to work more diligently on writing some code. I expect to use the C-5 and/or C-7 for testing.

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