C-5 Hub can't update to

Running version and when trying to update to, It downloads the update, extracts it and then a green box shows "hub update file not found" then apply appears for a second, then exits. Nothing in logs or other messages.

Tried rebooting, no dice.


Definitely contact support with that one.
Is your hub working?
Tagging @bravenel

Thought that's what I was doing... is there another way to get support?

Z-Wave does not seem to be working reliably, but the rest is.

An email to support@hubitat.com will open an official ticket.
The Hubitat team doesn't read every single post here

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Please check your private message (you should have a notification in the upper right corner).

Did you figure out how to fix this? I am having the same issue I think.

It's best to contact support@hubitat.com.

I'm also tagging @bobbyD.

And - welcome to Hubitat. I'm sorry you've run into an issue.