[C-5] [] I think my Hubitat is toast :( **EDIT: She's not dead yet!** [RESOLVED]

Was moving things around in my office and Hubitat was temporarily not plugged in to a UPS. Somebody accidentally unplugged the strip it was plugged into. Now Hubitat seems completely dead. Solid blue light. Not pingable. Normal UI unreachable. Diagnostic Tool unreachable.

Unifi switch shows the port is active at 100mbps but says no device or IP connected to the port...

I think she's dead, Jim! :sob:

Any next steps to try??

Press and hold the Network Reset button on the bottom of the hub for at least 7 seconds. The hub should reboot itself and use DHCP for its network connection.

Also, maybe try a different patch cord? Network Port?

Maybe try a different power supply for your HE hub?


Just moved it to my test bench. Different router, cable, and power supply. Will report back.

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The little button behind a hole in the air vent on the bottom?

Yes thats the network reset button


Here is the link to the docs


Got to Diagnostic Tool.

Performing soft reset now.


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Well, progress...

I restored last night's local backup. Things are a bit haywire at the moment. Just got one million notifications, many of them saying things like "Kitchen door is null" instead of opened or closed..

But hey this is way better than a paperweight !!


Great! Glad to hear you're making some progress. Hopefully you will be able to get everything sorted out. You may need to try restoring an earlier backup file, if things don't improve.


Thanks for this suggestion. Had I not taken it to my test bench on a fully separate network, it may have taken me a lot longer to figure out that the main source of my problem was that Unifi's configuration was corrupted when the power strip was disconnected. Several of my ports were re-assigned to random VLANs somehow, hence the complete lack of connectivity. The weird thing is, it seems only a couple of ports got messed up and one of them was Hubitat's


I am fully back up and running now. Thanks @ogiewon and @jtp10181 for the tips.