C-4 + 2.2.4 Web Interface Speed

Not sure what changed, didn't see much in the release notes but kudos to whatever happened to cause such a dramatic increase in speed in the web UI. I'm nearly ready to break open my C-7 and migrate but I can't believe how much faster the web ui is.

I also recently updated, but along with that I also did some clean-up of old devices, apps and drivers. I did notice a slight improvement in some areas, but none in others.

In the end, it might be something with the hub itself, as potentially discovered here. C4 - C7 Migration Experiences - Why Hubitat Elevation - Hubitat

I'm dying to upgrade my C4, but really love the auto-add zigbee ghost feature on It was the only thing that helped me keep my zigbee stable, er well at least not crashing every week