Bypass alarm for door/window with physical button like Nest Secure Quiet Open

Family members keep tripping the alarm to let dogs in/out.

I am wondering if there is a way to have a physical button (or a combo sensor with button) at my front and back doors that family members can use to temporarily bypass the alarm without disarming the whole alarm system. I was impressed by the Nest Secure sensor and Quiet Open, but not enough to actually use Nest Secure.

Does anyone know of a sensor like the Nest Secure sensor out there?

If there is, can this actually be done with HE, HSM, RM?


It depends a lot on what device you use for your contact sensors.
If it uses an inbuilt driver then it more difficult than using a custom driver.
If it’s a custom driver then a ‘switch’ capability could be added that disables the action of the sensor.. you could then use button controller to ‘toggle’ the enable/disable ‘switch’

If it is an inbuilt driver then I would personally use a virtual contact sensor and write a little app (or possibly use a rule in RM) to control it with a button and put it inbetween your door sensor and HSM


Always with the obvious simple solution, Mr. Parker. I was hoping for something extremely difficult and painful with plenty of cranial explosions. :exploding_head: Sigh.

:wink: YF

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I forgot to ask the obvious. Do you have a recommendation for a wireless button I can stick up by the doors? I am all Zigbee for the moment, but would consider well behaved Z-wave device.


I have used xiaomi but find the new smartthings button reliable and works with HE without worrying about what repeaters you use.