Buying a new Security System

I need to buy a new security system for a new installation. Which security system works best with Hubitat?

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Oh wow this will no doubt get LOTS of opinions. I'll give you mine, but it's just that - an opinion.

I believe things like security and life safety systems should be separate and dedicated with professional-grade installation. However, integration for purposes of convenience, reporting, additional functionality is a different matter.

I have an existing Vista 20 panel, professionally installed and monitored, with mostly wired sensors. So I chose the Envisalink add-on board and use the community-based integration with HSM. It works great, and provides some nice extra functionality and automation. For instance, I use geofencing with HE to arm the system when the house is unoccupied. I have also added some Ring keypads to the system for convenience arming and disarming. And I have automations that flash all the lights in the house when the system is triggered, unlock the front door when a fire alarm sounds (I would prefer the fire department be able to enter without much effort), and so on. However, if my HE dies completely (which it never has), my alarm system will continue to provide fire and security monitoring independently.

I have heard that the Ring integration works nicely and people seem happy with Ring overall, but other than their keypads and zwave extenders, I don't have any experience with their gear.


Thank. you. I am leaning to an alarm with the Envisalink.

It supports the Honeywell Vista and DSC panels only... but the honeywell panel is widely used by the likes of ADT etc. Just make sure they leave you with the key and the installer code! If they don't want to give you the installer code you can work around it... but the key is... key!

I have no alarm right now at all. I am going to purchase the entire system for this installation and after the fact sign up for monitoring.

Does anyone know if the Envisolink can be used for professional monitoring?

I just saw this on the link "Brad 5" sent.

With EnvisAlarm Service (Optional)

You now have the option of full-ULC grade alarm monitoring over your EnvisaLink 4 with the addition of the EnvisAlarm™ service.

  • • Full IP-Based monitoring
  • • 1 Year and 3 Year terms available
  • • Receive monitoring certificate and take advantage of Insurance company discounts

Yes... it can, though I don't.

For 9 bucks a month it seems reasonable.

Yeah it does... it does represent a point of failure, though. What happens if someone cuts your internet connection? Maybe I'm going too far overboard...?

There is always a risk. It does tell you if it is no longer connected. There are cell phone jammers and land line cuts as well. Many people that use landlines do not realize they rely on their internet connection anyway.

Cell phone would be the best but is there a cheap way to do that?

prob not. I used to do landline primary and cell backup. I switched to cell only. And yes you can jam cell phone signals but snipping the ol' internet connection and phone line are a lot simpler for joe or jane crack head. But I am likely over-thinking. If someone is that sophisticated they're gonna get in. My goal is not to make my house impenetrable, but merely to make it more challenging than the house down the street :slight_smile:


Well said :slight_smile:

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I have been on a couple of jobs where we installed a DSC panel, with an Envisalink board (with an interface to Hubitat). Seemed to work reasonably well.
However, please check with your local jurisdiction. I hear that many forces will not even respond to monitoring stations - too many to respond to. A very loud siren is always a "good to have".

My jurisdiction does not allow external sirens :slight_smile: But does respond to monitoring stations. And when I presented my alarm company with the opportunity of installing the Envisalink panel they gracefully demurred. But the next time they showed up I had to tell them that I had reset the installer code :slight_smile: They got the picture.

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I installed my own DSC system with Envisalink a while ago. I have to say, I'm very impressed with the wireless sensors. The batteries last a long while. I put in a half and half mix of hardwired and wireless sensors, and the hardwired were a pain in the butt. I have not integrated with HE. We did drop our conventional landline for VOIP from our cable company, (Spectrum), and I have to say the landline was more reliable in a power outage. I too would be interested in something like a cable modem that flops over to cell service when cable is interrupted. Cell service dedicated to the alarm might be cheaper, I don't know, but that's all it will do. I have to do some research, but I'll warrant nothing is cheap.

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For someone who gracefully admitted to not being an expert in a topic (something I can relate to), you have provided a good level of support to someone seeking help.


I agree completely.

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After a very thorough amount of investigation and testing here are my results.

I am now running two security systems now on two different Hubitats. I run the ELK M1 security system in one location and a DSC Powerseries (Do not buy the NEO version) with an Envisalink.

Both systems run great and do what they need to. The ELK M1 has a few more features but cost, all in, at least $1000 more than DSC with Envisalink.

I have to say the third party integration for both is excellent and I think Hubitat should move these apps and drivers in to the built in apps and drivers.

I do believe Hubitat should Integrate a new cleaner security panel feature in the Dashboard. The "HSM status" works but something more panel related would be better.

These are the two panels that I recommend with Hubitat.

Here is a sample of the ELK M1

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