Buttons and load switches

I am building a new home and trying to design/take the best approach.

I am interested in using the Leviton VRCS4 and Eaton Aspire 5 scene. I can get all the lights and almost all circuits to be controlled with these button controllers. However, fans and some other devices need a load switch. I really would like to reduce down to a single gang in the bedrooms and have the lights and fans all controlled by a multi-button switch. Am I missing some way to to do this?


Inovelli and Zooz both have a fan controller. They work different ways, and it mostly depends upon your wiring. Both of these companies have fantastic support, are active on this board, and have drivers in Hubitat.

The Zooz is the Zen30 Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Double Switch ZEN30 (White) for Light & Fan Combo - The Smartest House

The Inovelli is the LZW36 Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave) - Inovelli