Button rule can lose the events


This is the 2nd time I have seen this, not sure if its because i have edited the rule but sometimes it loses its subscription.

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I need to see everything involved.

apologies I recreated it but ill put it down anyway.


Ill try and get it to fail and find out why

I need to see the Button Rule setup page and Button Controller page.


note when it went wonky the name of the rule changed to "(MB) Wireless switch: button 3 null"

It went bad when you changed the Button Rule name?

No "it" changed the name itself when it went wonky.

So you don't know what step caused it?

It was working then I made some changes to the rule (adding in the over IF else) and it broke the subscription. but i dont know if that "was " the cause. i will try and break another to see if i can replicated again. the last time it happened though i was editing a rule.

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I've tested the heck out of this, so obviously missed something in the testing -- it's losing the button number evidently.

This is still happening, its when you edit a button rule it just stops responding to the button event. Not sure what part of the edit breaks it though.

Check the Event Subscriptions. Please post a screenshot of the broken one.

here is another one

And you don't know what causes this? You say "edit a button rule"... What do you mean by that?

I can edit Button Rules extensively and can't get this failure. So I'm clearly missing something that you're doing.

I will tell you exactly what I did and maybe it will help

So this is the final rule in this case I copied the whole lot from another rule and published it.

Originally the rule did not have the parent IF and only had the IF under the ELSE.
I selected the delete on the top right and deleted the whole lot.
I then imported from the published clipboard
pasted the lot and cleared the clipboard
then there was a old condition from the old part which I deleted within the manage condition.
Saved this rule then Done on the parent.

I have done this to a number of them and its happened a few times, but not on all of them.

Ah, finally, I was able to get this failure. Will track it down...

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It happens when you delete the condition.

It is a bug in deleting the first condition -- it takes out the button trigger by mistake.


So you found it and i can recreate the rest as you don't need them no more?

Yeah, I found it. Working on a fix.... Done. Next release.