Button recomendations: inexpensive, reliable, readily available

Now that I'm migrating to Hubitat I need to find some buttons to control lights to keep things user friendly. I'm using the Ikea buttons now with ST, but that's not going to fly with Hubitat.

Requirements: Inexpensive (Lutron Pico + hub is a no go), readily available, and reliable.

I'm leaning towards either some older iris single button units (3460-l) for around 5-6 a piece or the newer ZEN34's from Zooz.

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but Pico remotes are my favorite. They're cheap (at least the common 5-buton models are), reliable (no mesh means no mesh problems, no delay or double events if they just "woke up" like some Zigbee and Z-Wave devices seem to have problems with), can fit in a standard US wall plate (or not, so they're flexible), and are pretty cheap (so cheap that if you have enough button devices, even the cost of the Bridge can make up for itself compared to other devices). But I know, I know, you're not interested. But give it extra consideration if you want a lot of button devices or you might regret it later like I did...and eventually caved in. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here are some I know of:

  • my personal favorite single buttons were the SmartThings Button, but those are hard to find now as ST's hardware business (if not the entire platform...) is in a state if flux
  • the 2- and 4-button Slyvania/Osram dimmers/remotes work fine for me, even if both are somewhat odd shaped (the former can fit over a toggle or paddle switch if needed)
  • I haven't used the Iris buttons you mentioned but don't recall any horror stories
  • the Sonoff Zigbee Button (SNZB-01) is currently available and works with Hubitat, plus it's pretty cheap--but not very pretty (though less ugly than most of their other devices)
  • the Hue Button looks nice but I haven't personally used it and it does have a Hue logo on it
  • the Hue Dimmer and Eria Remote are multibutton devices that work with Hubitat, but some people seem to have problems with the Hue Dimmer dropping off, and I personally find the Eria slow for regular use (takes a bit to wake up if it hasn't been used in a while, and "held" events take forever compared to other devices, it seems, if you use those events).
  • Xiaomi/Aqara devices work and are cheap, but they require care with building your Zigbee network with only "compatible" repeaters in order to prevent them from "falling off" the network
  • the new Zooz paddle remote looks nice, though note that Hubitat's built-in driver supports only double taps; Inovelli is supposed to be coming out with another Z-Wave remote in the future, but I'm not sure what the timeline is for this (and the Zooz is apparently actually one of their old projects!)
  • I haven't used any of Aeon's "modern" products like the Aeon Wallmote, but lots of their products look cooler than they actually work and I wasn't about to pay that much money to find out (I do have a couple Minimotes I'd literally give away for free if anyone wanted to pay shipping)
  • when I was first looking for buttons, the Flic Button was almost the only option; never used it and again not going to pay that much to find out how well it works
  • many "modern" hardwired Z-Wave dimmers support "scenes" (technically Z-Wave Central Scenes) that can basically act as hardwired button devices, so don't forget about those if you haven't considered them; HomeSeer (likely the originator of this feature), Zooz (anything with recent firmware) and Inovelli (Red Series only) are two that advertise this feature, and lots of GE models apparently have it as a secret feature

But did I mention that even after having used at least half of these, Picos are my favorite? :smiley:


Exactly this. I'm using 2 now and I find them reliable though a little more clunky looking than the ST button. I'll note here that the last one from US Amazon did not come with a battery.

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I use the hue button. Works flawlessly with HE, reasonably priced and quite neat.

Good to note! I've always ordered mine directly from itead.cc and was surprised to see that they did come with batteries even though it says they don't.

I had the same experience. Sonoff works totally fine, not impressed by design, battery not included from Amazon (US). Man I wish we could still get the ST one, it was so nice.

You are being very kind... :wink: The Sonoff buttons are just ick looking for me.


Picos best by far when I want multiple buttons, but for cases where you just need/want a single button to keep it simple, agree w/above that I really miss the ST buttons. I have two, wish I had more...


Oh, and as long as we're talking buttons, question for @mike.maxwell - Is supporting the Linkind button (and I guess by association some Ikea gear) under any discussion? Linkind has good form factor and size, and a nice magnetic mount...


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It probably depends where you live, but in Canada it is hard to beat the pico. I needed five button controllers and this was the cost in Canada:
5 Picos = $100.00(picos) + $158.00(hub) = $258.00 plus $40.00 for wall plate bracket
(Montreal Lighting)
Compare this to the cost of 5 zwave or zigbee button controllers and you are almost at the same price (other button options in Canada are $40.00-$60.00+). As I add more button controllers, my pico cost will approach (and perhaps become less) than the cost of other button controllers. And most importantly, I now have a lutron hub for switches/dimmers, along with by far the nicest looking, most functional, easy to integrate, long lasting battery, button controllers.

I don't know what a similar comparison would be in the US (or other areas of the World), but I wouldn't be surprised to learn it is similar.

Kudos for that reply! Very detailed and lots of options!

There are so many glowing reviews of the Lutron option like yours. I've looked at it a couple times but keep telling myself no. The price is the biggie, but adding another step/connection/point of possible failure is my sticking point. I think I need 3 remotes in total for my current application.

I have two in the dining room to control the light/fan (king of fans/wink canopy controller), and one in the bedroom for lights/fan without getting out of bed.

What is the range like on the Lutron platform? I honestly haven't read that much into it.

Thank you everyone else for the input as well. I'm going to do some searching today and see what I can find.

I just came across the Sengled smart switch (remote) that seem like they're supported.

Anyone here use one? I like the looks of them.

Just to update. I bought the Iris buttons (3460-l) and have been using them for a few days.

They seem to work okay. Button push and button held. They are a little slow (1-2s) to respond after they go to sleep, but they always seem to work. (Not needing a second press like my old ikea ones sometimes did).

I may eventually get some Lutron Picos, but for the time being I can't justify the hub. :slight_smile:

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