Button push, wait 20 seconds, push again

I have a Fortrezz MIMOlite connected to my gate. It works great at mimicking a button press.

The gate is setup so that 1 button press opens the gate, waits 1 min, then closes. This all has nothing really to do with hubitat.

Sometimes I want the gate to stay open. To do that with the remote I push the button, wait 20 seconds then press the button again to stop the gate.

Can I mimic the 2 button press within hubitat?

Hi @scowsert,

It depends on what part you are wanting advice on. If it's integrating with your gate / remote, then there would be others better placed than me to comment. If it's the ability to mimic the 20 second delay and press the button again, you can include a delay in HE rules, then do another action after that delay. So if you can already communicate from HE to your gate, then you could setup a rule that is triggered by some event, e.g. a physical button press that HE can detect, your voice, etc, then the actions would be to mimic the first button press as the first action, a 20 second delay as the second action and another button press as the third action.

Does that help?


Thanks. I'm already communicating with the gate. It's the rules part. I'll give it a shot tonight.