Button Controller - Run Rule Actions

I can’t find the option to run rule actions from within Button Controller. Am I just missing it?

If I can’t run rule actions from Button Controller, is my only option to use Rule Machine? If I use Rule Machine, does that mean there has to be a separate rule for each button?

On the Create New Action dropdown it is the 8th option... Set Private Boolean, Run/Cancel/Pause Rules. From there you can choose to run either Button Controller or Rule Machine rules.

I discovered the problem, I think. Apparently my button controller rule, which was created a few years back, was created with an older version of button controller that did not have the option of Set Private Boolean … Run Rule Actions.

Here’s my old button controller rule:

I just created a new rule using the current button controller app, and the option is there!

Thanks, @Grizzlebeard!

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