Button Controller (RM4.0) vs individual rules?

I have spent the past week removing the 4-8 individual rules for every switch in my house and putting them all into one "button device" instance per switch.

My hub has seemed to get a little slower and now it has completely locked up. It kept giving me errors when trying to view the apps or devices page in the interface so I went to the settings page and issued a reboot.
Was sent to the start up page where it shows the percentage of bootup and now nothing.

Did I make a huge mistake converting all my individual switch rules into one button device rule per switch? It cleaned up my rule machine list a huge amount but is the button device magnitudes more cpu intensive or something?

I'm about to go up and unplug the power to it as I can't get to my hubitat at all anymore. I have never had to do this in the past year until this week after switching over to the button device.

Hold off on pulling the plug, that is generally not a good idea. Did you try to reboot the hub via the diagnostics page? http://ipaddress:8081. Try this first.

As far as using the button controller to clean up your rules that was the right thing to do IMHO. Something else is going on that my require HE support.

Thanks JNS but I already pulled the power. It had been locked up like this for several hours already. If it happens again I'll try the diagnostics link you mention.

So far it's working again but not sure for how long.

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