Button controller problems

I just received my Xiaomi Aqara buttons and I want to use one to control my IKEA blinds.

I previously created a virtual button and a button controller connecting it to the blinds that I used successfully on a dashboard to open and close the blinds. I've also connected to it via MakerAPI so the virtual button works beautifully.

Now I tried to create a button controller and I'm able to select the button device, but then I see the "Add button action" button and when I press it I get nothing. I don't get option of selecting the blinds or anything, I just see the "Delete button action" list appear and it only seems to have one empty element (see screenshot)

I'm using the "Zigbee - Xiaomi/Aqara/Opple Button/Switch/Remote" driver from "oh-lalabs.com" (author: "Markus Liljergren").

Does anyone have any pointers as to what I could try?

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