Button Controller not doing additional actions

I have an AEOtec wireless doorbell that works great as a doorbell. The problem I have is that I have a button on the front door, and a button on the backdoor. I have tried the built in button controller app to use my sonos to annouce "Front Door" or "back door" when the corresponding button is pressed, but all I ever get is the doorbell noise from the speaker. I've tried both rules machine and the button controller app and it just doesn't want to work.

Can you either post a screenshot of your rule (or Button Controller automation) or describe it if your account isn't able to post screenshots yet? The first thing I wonder is if the command these apps will ultimately call on your device works, which you can test directly on the device page (for your Sonos device, likely the speak() command, but this will depend on the app).

doesn't let me upload images, but here is the rule out of button controler:

actSubType1.pushed.1 enum Send or Speak a Message
actType1.pushed.1 enum Send or Speak a Message, Send HTTP Request
btnNo.2 enum 1
btnPH.2 enum pushed
buttonDev capability.pushableButton Doorbell - Button 1
logging bool true
msg1.pushed.1 textarea There is a Human at the front door
origLabel text Front Door
speak1.pushed.1 bool true
speak1.pushed.1Device capability.speechSynthesis Living Room Sonos

I can test directly in the app and it works.

I suppose I should have said a screenshot or summary of the "real" app page, not the app settings page (generally only helpful to the developer of the app or someone intimately familiar with it), but I think it's easy to guess how the rule above was probably configured (trigger on button 1 pushed, then speak that message on the Sonos as an action?).

Assuming you mean that you can test directly on the device page (not "in the app" like the above, which I assume was a typo), then it's not clear what could be going wrong, but you likely ruled out a device problem. I'd turn on action and trigger logging (at least) for the rule and see if that helps you figure out what is happening when--or not. For example, maybe it's failing to trigger for some reason (hitting "Done" or "Update Rule" should reinitialize things here if that wild guess is accurate, but use the logs to see if you can actually figure anything out).