Button controller - multiple actions/conditions

Hi - I'm setting up a button control for some lights. I have one button available for the desired actions. I'd like the button to toggle the smart bulb group on and off - which is easy of course. However, when it turns them on, I'd also like it to set a scene that sets the colors on the bulbs. I realize I can have multiple actions associated with a button press - but:

If do these actions in this order:
Toggle lights
Set Scene

The lights will always end up on, as the scene will turn them on.

If I do this order:
Set Scene
Toggle lights

They'll always go off.

What I want is to have the Scene command conditional on them being on already - but the button controller appears to use conditions for the entire set of actions - not for individual ones.

Is there a better way to do this?

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You can use IF-THEN with a condition. Don't use Toggle. What Toggle does is the logic of IF ON then off, and vice versa. So you'd start with Toggle, like your first case, and then only do Set Scene if they are on.

Sorry - not sure I get that. You said don't use toggle but then you said "start with toggle". Where do I access the If/then logic in Button controller?

Ah, I think I found conditional actions - let me see if I can get that to do what I want.

Got it working. I just did If then else based on starting condition of on or off. Works fine. Thanks!

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