Button Controller Issues - Aeotec NanoMote Quad

Has anyone had trouble with getting this device to work in the standard button controller?

  1. I paired the device, without any issues. In the device panel everything looks fine:

  2. As you can see, I made a simple Button Controller rule to automate garage door opening:

  3. Finally, as you can see by the following excerpt from the logs, Button #1 was pushed, it was recognized as pushed, but the Button Controller took no notice!

Does anyone have any experience withe the standard built in Button Controller?
Any issues? Does it work reliably?
Has anyone used the Aeotec Nanomote Quad? Any issues?
Perhaps because I named the rule the same as the device , it got confused?

I have done the same thing and it works fine. are you using a rule or a trigger? mine is setup as a trigger

Hi. Do you have the Quad Nanmote? The handheld, keyfob version?
If you do, what's your response time like?

I do have the nanomote and the response time i would classify as sluggish. I have a button that triggers disarm and unlock of my front door. and it takes about 5-10 sec. and that is after to 3 sec press of button for "HELD".

I'm going to try and pursue this with The HE powers that be.
There must be some sort of a variable that can be exposed which will be the response time.
I will let you know....

This an old post I know but I've spent too much time following old posts trying to get the Aeotec NanoMote One working and finally came across this old post.. and it works perfectly