Button Controller for Outdoor Use in Cold Climate

I was wondering if anyone has recommendation for a reliable outdoor button that can be installed outdoor and handle the cold winter of Ontario, Canada. I intent to use it as a doorbell.

I wonder if anyone makes a device where the button itself is physically outdoors but the electronics for it are indoors - and the button simply completes a circuit. Would also be ideal for situations where the signal cannot reach the exact location where you want your button.

I wonder if you could do something with this HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Dual Sensor & Buzzer if you can make the button complete a circuit with an LED light, located indoors, then use this light sensor to send the z-wave signal

Thanks for the reply. I though about something like this; I know there are also relays out there that can generate a z-wave signal once closed. However, I'd like to avoid doing any drilling and wiring.

Anything requiring batteries is only going to work down to the battery’s temperature limit. I’ve used SmartThings buttons as temp sensors in the refrigerator and they seem fine down to 29 degrees. I haven’t tried them in the freezer, since the temperature would rise in both if something malfunctioned, but I suspect they would go lower. I just don’t know if Ontario winter cold would be compatible with any battery powered device.

Well, I recently purchased a couple of Ring outdoor contact sensors which are battery powered and rated down to -20 deg C and apparently people have successfully used it to even colder temperatures.

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Leave a Ring contact sensor outside the door with a note saying "For attention, please separate the parts"

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I looked up disposable lithium operating range and according to the specs for energizer ultimate lithium, -40C is the low end, so any button device that can be sheltered or sealed from the water should work. I would try the Aeotec SmartThings button if Zigbee is an option for you. It uses a 2450 lithium battery and has been working in my refrigerator for a couple years now.