Button Controller Error

Fudged something in Button Controller. One of its child apps now throws this in the log:

app:19252019-03-13 02:49:26.102 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'displayName' on null object (mainPage)

I believe this happened after I de-selected the button device and tried to save it.

Can't remove it either, and would prefer not to remove the entire parent app, since I have about 10 child apps in there.

Can you force delete the child using the corresponding cog?

ie the red button that says:

Remove this App: Button Controller-1.6


Will that remove the child or the parent?

If you click on the child cog the red button should only remove the child app.

Got it, thanks.

Lol...look what @bravenel just posted a minute ago.

(beta) Global Variable deleted - Can't delete old Rule

Sweet, yeah makes sense

Can't wait for the new version. The only reason I'm removing these Button Controllers is because they're for the Sylvania Dimmers, which also won't be fixed until 2.0.7