Button Controller - Cannot Add Second Parameter for Run Custom Action

I am having trouble creating a rule in Button Controller that runs a custom action on my Harmony Hub. The HH driver includes a "device command", allowing for rules that mimic the pressing of buttons on the remote. This requires two parameters, the command text and the device id. When I try to add the second parameter nothing happens, i.e. no additional prompts appear on screen to enter the parameter details.

I'm running the latest platform release and creating this as a new Button Controller child app. Happy to provide more details and screenshots if it will help.


EDIT - I don't appear to have this problem when creating a similar rule using Rule Machine

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I just tried the same thing to see if I could reproduce the issue and I could indeed reproduce it. The button to add a second parameter doesn’t do anything.

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Thanks for finding this. Indeed, there was a skew in the code for Button Rule vs Rule 5.1 wrt adding a parameter. Fix in next release. Rule and Button Rule share 98% the same code. This was in the 2%.

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I can confirm this was resolved in I have setup a Button Controller rule with a custom action including 2 parameters. Thanks Bruce.

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