Button Controller App - Sonos Favorites

I'm in the process of migrating from SmartThings to Hubitat and am trying to get comfortable with some of the features of Hubitat. Most are fairly obvious but I'm struggling with the Button Controllers app. Here's what I'm trying to do...

I have created a Virtual Push Button device called "The Pulse (XM)" which I'm trying to associate with a Sonos favorite that I have saved. To tie this virtual button to the Sonos favorite, I've assumed I would use the Button Controllers app.

After enabling the app, I'm going through the process of adding a new Button Controller.

Name This Button Controller*
Calling it "The Pulse (XM) Controller"

Select Button Device*
I'm choosing my virtual push button called "The Pulse (XM)"

I'm ignoring the button options for "Use Held, Use Double Tapped, Use Released..."

At the bottom, I have "Select Button" with "Click to Set". Clicking this gives me nothing. Should it?

Is there a better way of creating a push-button to select and play a Sonos favorite?

Did you ever get this figured out?

Yes and no. There were two parts to my question really, how to use the button controller and how to get the sonos favorite to play from a button press.

The first problem is resolved by entering a button number in the field for "Select Button". So here I entered "1" for button 1. I suppose this is to facilitate execution of multiple button controllers.

But the sonos URI is an entirely different problem for me. Depending on the music source (Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, etc.) I get very unpredictable results.

I've not pursued this any more, at least not with the Button Controller App.

Count me in struggling to find an app to easily do spotify playlists and such. I can get the URI and URLs for songs/playlists however unless it's a Sonos (I have one), most of my apps don't work. (inc. Squeezeplayer integration, cast-web-api, chromecast (built-in app), etc). Find any app/integration that can do spotify URI/URL easily?

This is by far the most flexible solution I have found for automating Sonos integrations. It was mentioned on this forum elsewhere and it really did fix all of my issues.

I ended up creating a virtual linux server on my UnRaid server for this but you can basically run it on anything - including a Raspberry Pie.

I am a Linux newbie but this was pretty simple to implement.

The goal for me was to have a wall mounted tablet with "push button" selections that would play a specific Sonos favorite (this can be any music source) and would automatically group a specific set of speakers/rooms together and play at a predetermined volume.

This is a very early implementation and I have plenty of other tiles to add for controlling media playback and other station presets but this Sonos API does it all.

Thanks. Was hoping something like this can also be available to non Sonos too. I do have one Sonos and works great. Justifying to get more but I have so many other speakers in the house I hate to go to waste.

I've got quite an investment in Sonos but like you, I have equally as many other speakers - most of which are Alexa devices which can do whole house music too - though not to the same quality as Sonos. But yeah, tough call!