Button Controller 5.1 conundrum/complaint/disappointment

In previous button controller versions you could add a button operation. Eg if you hadn't added "double tap" initially you could add it later. In 5.1 you can't.

I set up a button controller for a Wallmote Quad, which doesn't have double tap. So the controller didn't add it as an operation to any of the buttons. So far so sensible I guess. Then I added a Yagusmart Scene Switch to the list of button devices, which does have double tap. I removed the Wallmote from the list of controlled buttons but I still can't add the double tap. So I cloned it - minus the Wallmote and I still don't get the option to add double tap.

Given that the control rules for these 4-button devices were quite complicated to set up, I am frustrated to think that the only way to enable double-tap control is to write again it from scratch, just because once upon a time I was using it for a button without double tap. I don't really understand this restriction, since the only harm that could be done from having an operation the button doesn't offer is that it the operation just won't take place.

There is a lot of overlap between the Wallmote and the Yagusmart so it's frustrating to have to basically write the same rule for both, from scratch.

For now, I have written my own fake button driver with all the capabilities just to initiate new controllers.

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Are you saying that you swapped out the button device in the Button Controller, and then it didn't recognize the extra capabilities of the new button device?

If so, I can look into finding a fix for this. There is some code that only runs once at initialization of the app, and that grabs the capabilities of the device. Perhaps a 'Refresh Button Device' button could be added for this case of changing the button device.


Yes that was my experience, so obviously if that was not intended behaviour, a fix would clear that up. I think for my usage case though, if the app would allow me to make the decisions about how many buttons and operations per button to set up, like in previous button controller apps, that would be even better.

In this case I have a two Yagusmart 4-button scene controllers as well as a Wallmote 4-button scene controller, and I want to use them all to control the lights in my stairway (entry hall and landing etc). The Yagusmart driver has pushed, double-tapped, and released. The Wallmote driver has pushed, held, and released

Both held and released I can designate as "turn off x bulb" which will actually work the same for the same physical long hold and release on both types. Double-tap I use for bringing x bulb (one per button) up to 100% brightness. But I don't need to have access to that on all three devices and have chosen to put the Wallmote in a place where that lack won't really be a problem.

So you see I could use the same rule for non-congruent button devices, and didn't need to have operations and number of button restricted to my first assigned device. I guess the philosophy behind the restriction is to avoid user confusion? Were there a lot of users needing support because they had set up a button rule for an operation or button that didn't exist on their button device?

If I am the only person who would appreciate this then don't change it on my account as I said above I have created a dummy button driver with all the buttons and operations on for my own use. But definitely please don't do the fix you mention in such a way it becomes aware that the devices listed are not congruent and then takes away all the buttons and operations they do not have in common!!

I will get to it, but probably not until the next release. Button Controller 5.1 has a lot of code based on the assumption that the selected device's capabilities don't change -- things that are setup once. It is fixable, and should be addressed.

I've seen another issue with the button controller that i don't understand. Not sure if this should be a separate topic, but here you go. Each time I create an action, it is duplicated three times with a checkbox in the setup of the action. why is this? Is there a header missing or not displaying for each of these? You can see in this screenshot that the Toggle: action is listed 3 times with a checkbox after creating it.

It looks as though you have the Screen Reader option turned on, for the visually impaired. Please turn it off. It's on the Setting page:

WOW! not at all what I expected. You are correct. Perhaps that setting should be called "Enable Frustrating Interface (Level 10)". This also fixed the annoying update button for each and every step!