Button Controler 5.1 dimming bulb question

I like this app but I have a question.
I have a button that dim a bulb when I held it. My problem is when I held the button the bulb dim but don't stop dimming when I relaese the button. Is there a way to setup it to dim when held and stop dimming when releasing the button? I joined a print screen of my config for held button.

I’m a big fan of @bertabcd1234’s dimmer button controller for this purpose. I use it for all buttons that I need to use to control the dimming of a bulb or group of bulbs.

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While I am, of course, a fan of the app I wrote and that was mentioned above, if you want to do it Button Controller, you'll have to assign an action to the "button 1 released" event. In your case, you'd want the "Stop Changing Dimmer Level" action.

You can find an example of this documented here:


Or, of course, the app above instead if you prefer. :smiley:


Thanks bertabcd1234, I haven't see the released action.

Do you mean that you still have a problem? If so, not all button devices report "released" events. In that case, you're using out of luck. Otherwise, Button Controller should let you add actions for this event.

If you meant that you didn't see it before but got it figured out now, then nevermind...and yay! :grinning:

It's the second option! :laughing: You have solved my problem.
Sorry it was maybe not clear, my english is absolutely not perfect! :wink:
Thanks for your help!

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