Bulbs that are rated for enclosed usage

I'm having difficulty locating a zigbee or z-wave bulb that is rated for use in enclosed fixtures and is UL or ETL certified.

Anyone know of such a beast?

Cree Connected bulbs are rated for enclosed fixtures but I've not been able to locate any certification information for that product line - their connected max line is UL certified but it uses wi-fi.

The information doesn't seem to be provided one way or the other for some outfits like innr.

Enclosures and LED's are a tricky combination. I have lost more led bubs to heat build up and many of the inexpensive ones don't have the right circuitry to limit current when temps become critical. Even mounting a LED bulb base up can shorten it's life due to the heat being radiated to the base where the voltage regulator is located. Fiet and the the home depot brand EcoSmart seem to be susceptible to heat the most based on my experience and through my brother. He only buys the "cheapest" and then wonders why he only gets 6 months of life out of them.

As for the Zigbee bulbs that can go into the enclosure I haven't found any that are "certified" for enclosures but have used the A19 2700K 60 w Sengled Zigbee in a few and they seem to be holding up for the last 12 months in two outdoor lanterns at my mom's house. I only program them to turn them on to 80% before sunrise and after sunset, and they stay on overnight when house is in sleep at 20%.

I finally found a statement from Cree that claims all of their products are UL listed. We'll see. These were going for all of $6 each on Amazon so not much at risk if they don't work out.

FYI, Cree bulbs are known to destabilize Hubitat zigbee mesh networks.

I had seen that mentioned elsewhere as well. I was a bit concerned but so far they've been fine.