Bulbs that are on, but show off?

I have a decent amount of bulbs that when you go into the device will show OFF, but when I look at them with my own eyes, I can see they are on.

This seems to be a regular thing in my house, I was on vacation, and I looked at the camera, and I noticed they they were on. It was a LOT of them too. I was gone for a few days, and somehow I am not sure why. I have no evidence of loosing power either (as I know that Zigbee lights like to go back to on, when they lose power) Most of my bulbs are Zigbee bulbs, but there has been evidence that a few lights that I have are Z-wave.

Not sure what is going on, but is there a app that will go out and perhaps poll each light to get proper status. Something that would refresh all bulbs and switches , perhaps once an hour?


Are the bulbs Zigbee or Z-Wave? It will affect the tools available.

Most of them are Zigbee as explained , but some are Z-Wave also.

What are the models of your lights? And what drivers have you chosen to run them?

Should it be showing incorrectly on a Dashboard, doing a page refresh by clicking the "CheckMark" :heavy_check_mark: on the top right of the page sometimes helps.

I think the dashboard rely on the status shown on the device page, so i don't think this would help in these situations..
I have a couple of IKEA bulbs who does this too, if i control them with the IKEA 5-button remote.
(They are paired with both the hub and the remote - if controlled by HE they update their status just fine)

I get by this, by having a rule refreshing the bulbs every 2 hours.

It's supposed to. On occasion I've experienced Sengled bulbs( and other devices) showing incorrect information on a dashboard, usually but not always a dashboard reset cures the issue. Occasionally setting the bulb off, then back on, is necessary to correct the display status. I have no idea why this occurs.

The dash or the interface are the same..

How did you refresh every two hours? I'd like to do that.

Something else that may help narrow down a solution: do you notice this discrepancy after any particular automation? For example, is it when controlling a bunch of bulbs at once, or can you replicate the problem by turning just one on or off at at a time? (In my experience, Zigbee bulbs don't like to be issued commands "too fast" or to too many bulbs at once. I found no good workaround besides spacing my commands out, sending them twice, or--what I really did for any I could--moving them back to my Hue Bridge instead of a dedicated hub. But your problem seems a bit different in that the bulbs are responding and perhaps not reporting.) Or do you have any Zigbee remotes directly linked (TouchLinked) to the devices that you're using to control the bulbs? In that case, my experience echos the one above where the bulbs did not report state changes back to the hub.

If you haven't tried it already, you might want to hit "Configure" on the device page (definitely if you changed drivers from an incorrect one, but it can't hurt regardless--maybe even do it two or three times to make sure the bulb gets it). For Zigbee devices, this usually sends data to the device instructing it on what to report to the hub, generally driver-specific.

Also an important question: what kind of bulbs are the Zigbee bulbs, and what other kinds of Zigbee devices do you have? As you may have heard, many Zigbee bulbs are poor repeaters, and they may not like to be mixed with non-Zigbee devices on the same network (that's one reason a Hue Bridge solves these problems). If you don't happen to have only bulbs on this Zigbee network (and all those bulbs aren't Sengled, which avoid this problem by not repeating in the first place), then my guess is that you'd have better luck by separating them somehow, whether a dedicated Hubitat or a Hue Bridge. This wouldn't explain the Z-Wave issues, but there aren't a lot of Z-Wave bulbs on the market (Aeon, Hank, and Inovelli are three I know of), so you may want to specify the exact kind in case anyone has ideas. If these are Z-Wave dimmers, there are well known issues with many "classic"/pre-Plus models of these that don't report physical state changes back to the hub without a poll/refresh. That may help regardless, but aside from these devices, it shouldn't be necessary, so I'd be more interested in finding the cause.

I made a rule in RuleManager that looks like:

(It also polls my TV and refreshes a couple of buttons, but you get the idea) :slight_smile:

So.. just to clarify.

No, these are not bulbs in groups. I have 2 in this example. 1 is a zigbee that is in tbe back of the house and a zwave in tbe front. Randomly they go on. Like once a week for example. But shows as off.