Built in Rachio integration partially broken

the integration is working and i can turn on and off zones with the appropriate commands but the callbacks to tell me when a zone turns off is not working.. here are the errors..


just redid my login to see if that fixes it but i dont believe that can be the issue as then turning on or off from device panel would not work.. i belive something in the api either rachio or hubtat changed

I think you're right. Looks like something may have changed on Rachio side. We will look into it. Thanks for your feedback.


dont bother.. redoing my login seems to have fixed it.. maybe the zones on off work locally? but the notifications need the cloud?

although still getting those error messages but my zone did turn off the switch after the 10 minute test.

I am seeing the same errors. But seems like it's following the read time out. They may have changed the rate limit. Worth looking into, though.


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