Built in rachio integration broke/down?

Did you roll back to verify this?

no i will . first i was trying to check if it is a net issue but since the app and driver are built in i cannot find the url that is having the http timeout.. if someonse could post it to test that woujld be nice..

the web app and android app are still working fine..

if someone could also look at the code and determine what could cause those error messages it would be great.

but to me the error implies some call is missing a parameter.. maybe a change was made in the api.. .or it could all be caused by the failed httpget not setting something.. hard to know without the source

i did verify that the cloud is not down in general from the hub.. other cloud apps are working fine.

Mine is throwing errors as well. I went into the app and I can not even select a controller. I would say that Rachio is having technical difficulties.

I just tried the Rachio app on my iPhone. Seems that’s having an issue as well.

Incredible how these cloud based devices become useless rocks when the “phone home” connection gets cut.

Love my Hubitat !!

us turned it off (red x) on my two hubs as it is throwing multiple errors every few minutes..
interestingly enough the app and web based versions are working.. just the apis that are having issues. and their status page shows that everything is ok.

thanks for the confirmation.

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working again...

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I have the same screen as the OP and the only option is to remove the app. I really don't want to do that and have to go back and fix rules. I am on the latest version of Hub software.

ETA: I decided to remove the app and start over and now have things working.