Built-in Ecobee integration - half degree (C) support for setpoints?

Searched the forums and did not find anything directly relevant.

When setting the Ecobee thermostat's (heating) setpoint, the device page (and RM) accept a decimal number, e.g. 19.5, and correctly sets the thermostat to that value (verified on ecobee.com and the thermostat itself).

However it appears the HE built-in device driver doesn't preserve that granularity in the device attribute. The thermostatSetpoint attribute value appears to be rounded up to the nearest integer:

And consequenty, the setpoint change event's value is set to the rounded number

The Ecobee device debug logs hint to it being due to round-trip conversions between C / F in the driver, perhaps ?

Would it be possible to support a single decimal place for the setpoint ?

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