Built in device firmware updater

I am trying to update the firmware on the Inovelli fan / light switch.

I downloaded the firmware then loaded it up in the built in device updater which went all the way to 100% done but it still list the old firmware version number in the device information

Do I need to set the device driver to firmware updater which I had to do on my old hub C-5?

What driver are you using? I don't believe there's any standard for when the built-in drivers will update the firmware version in "Device Details," assuming that's where you're looking. A "Configure," "Refresh," or "Save Preferences" are good guesses for most devices.

If you're using Inovelli's custom driver, it looks like a "Save Preferences" should fetch the new firmware version. In any case, what's displayed in "Device Details" is partly up to the driver, including firmware version and similar information. The Device Firmware Updater app should also show you the version, and that should be current, though sometimes I think I've had to go back and unselect/re-select the device to make it get the new version.

If you're using the built-in app, you don't need to use the "old" updater driver--that was a preliminary effort that eventually became the built-in app.


Ahhhhhhh Save preference is what I needed to do!

I kept hitting Save device

Thank you!