Built a 24" Touchscreen Wall Mounted Dashboard/Family Calendar

My family got lots of use out of a 10" touchscreen tablet mounted on the wall displaying a hubitat dashboard but have wanted more screen real estate to show our various google calendars like a digital wall mounted family calendar.

After much research I settled on a 24" ViewSonic Touchscreen monitor (model TD2465) and a Raspberry Pi running the Dakboard Software (which recently supports touchscreens).

Dakboard is set to show frame of a hubitat dashboard, 3 different frames of nest cameras, a frame showing the current and hourly weather and a frame showing 8 different google calendars overlayed into one family calendar. The background changes every so often to keep things looking fresh. Can also show our family calendar in a regular calender view on the full 24" screen.

A smart plug turns the screen on when we're home and off when we leave the house or hubitat goes into Night mode. The screen will also turn on if motion detectors in our hallway detect motion overnight in case we get up in the middle of the night.

Really happy with the way it turned out and thought I would share as an option for others looking for a larger touchscreen.


That looks class. At some point I plan to steal part of your idea with the smaller tablets around the house. Love the idea of auto-wake on motion.

Good job!



Looks very nice. Can you interact with the Hubitat frame using the touch screen? If so, what are you able to do?

I also have an Acer 24" touch screen hooking up to a mini pc for dashboard as well. So much real estate to play with now eh?

It's probably not a good idea to kill power to the monitor with a smartplug. It's quite hard for the electronics in the monitor.

Yes so much real estate now!

Goog point about killing the power to the screen but I'm not sure of how to turn the screen off for the long periods of time it's not needed. Maybe there is some command that can be sent to a raspberry pi to turn on and off the video output?

Yes, can do pretty much any touchscreen functions like drag a dimmer slider, tap buttons to turn on or off, etc.

You can get a HDMI switcher and a switchbot. Switchbot switching between used HDMI and unused HDMI.