Building a workable doorbell camera with Hubitat and Unifi camera

I have Ubiquity cameras and the NVR on the Cloud Key Gen2 Pro. They are awesome. Since they don't make a doorbell camera, I'm thinking about making one using this:

It says indoor only, but my front door is under an overhang and doesn't get wet at all. If it dies, well, then it dies. I don't really care. In the name of science!

Here's my thought:

  • This camera mounted where the doorbell would normally be
  • Aqara Zigbee button connected to HE
  • When the button is pressed, I need something to go to my android phone that can trigger Tasker to launch Unifi protect directly to the doorbell camera (I will use android Intents for this).

It looks like I can use Pushover as an event trigger in Tasker. And once it's all working I can 3d print a sleek enclosure for the button and camera so it doesn't look like a shanty town of crap on the wall.

Just out of curiosity, how are you getting PoE to it? I'm with you, I'd love a Ubiquiti Cam on the portico, but I've a brick fronted house, and I'm reluctant to drive a 1/4" hole through the mortar, sheathing and what have you to get a Cat-6 out there...


The front of my house is stone, but the trim around the outside of the door is about 4" wide. I'll just take off the inside trim, drill a hole through the subfloor between the door frame and the rough cutout, and run the wire through there. Then it will run up the inside and I'll pop it out on the outside trim.

There's a utility room right below that door, and I have access up into the rim where the wire will come down. POE switches are in that room also.

I have pushover sending a message via Hubitat, tasker picks it up, and launches Unifi Protect.

It cannot launch it over the lock screen, but if I unlock, the app is up. It's also just on the main screen with all the cameras, not on a specific camera. I don't think that's such a huge deal, because I can move that camera to the top and it only takes less than half a second to go into it when I click on it.

I just need to get the camera now. I have other Ubiquity cams, but none of them have the ability to talk back like the one I posted above.

Edit - just ordered the camera. It will be here tomorrow. Prime shipping, yay!

Nice. I think to get PoE and network to my portico, I'll have to cut a hole in the sheetrock or run a cable through some conduit from either the garage, or the attic. Gack.

Looking forward to seeing how your project works out!


Did you get this to work? This camera looks real good!