[Bug] Vacation Lighting director

I’m having an issue with Vacation Lighting director consistently being very slow to turn off when the house Mode changes from away to home.

Eg, we walk in and a few mins later, it turns off all the lights that were on and overrides our “return home” Lighting rule.

@nh.schottfam is this something you can improve? It seems like the random turn off time is applied to Mode changes with is not optimal.

It would be good to see logs for when this issue is occurring, and the settings you have for the app.

Ok, here is the config:

And tonight we got home at 8:49pm, and vacation director “ended” At 8:54pm.

So your 5 min delay is what is causing this.

The delay to start /stop the simulator is to avoid bouncing event (like people arriving/leaving).

General 1 - 2 mins is fine to de-bounce things. You can set it to 0 if you don't have bounce concerns


Cheers, I’ll try that.

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