Bug Tracker and or feature request system

It may be too early… nah never too early. I think a new category for Wish List or some other name one for Device Integrations and One for Software Integrations would be nice to have. Could also be a feature/enhancement tracker (an actual tracker like Jira anyone?) would be nice for doing bug reporting and/or feature requests.

I was just browsing around and remembered about wirelesstags.net and thought, hmm maybe now those could get integrated and work and people could stop dreaming about mailbox sensors due to range issues :smile:


Great idea. We have internal processes covering those areas. We could use existing “Feature Request” section in conjunction with tags for “Device Integrations” and “Software Integration” to easily track and provide updates. Would that work?

@bobbyD, Using the forum or another system doesn’t matter to me. Just having an organized area to make a request, check a request, and let other see it and comment.