[BUG] Simple Conditions always executing


I'm on and my rules that have a Conditional Action are having then THEN side of the conditional executed no matter what the condition evaluates to.

I just created this rule:

Running it twice 5 seconds apparent using the "Run These Actions" button results in me getting two notifications and the following logs:

Can a single rule be run concurrently? RM 3 not evaluating conditions properly

Complex conditionals don't seem to be affected. I added one to the rule and on first run I get 2 messages, second run I only get 1 message:


I can confirm this is the case. But it is only true for simple conditional actions. Conditional actions that use IF/ELSEIF/ELSE do not appear affected.


Ooops.... looks like we ran into each other getting to that one. Beat me by 2 mins. If I hadn't taken so long getting my screenshots.


I can also confirm this issue @bravenel should be tagged in this!


Oh, this isn't good. I can see the bug. Hot fix coming, but probably not until tomorrow.


Thanks for the quick response! I'm glad it was a bug thought, I thought I was going insane debugging a rule :smiley:


I'm glad you found it, and reported it. I'm not glad it's there. I threw the baby out with the bath water actually yesterday, fixing a bug in conditional action logic that was discovered in beta testing this release.


Bingo! this is exactly what is happening to me.