Bug? - Scheduled jobs not being removed

I have noticed the error below a few times in my logs(1st screenshot) and finally got around to looking into it today. The rule is shown in the 2nd screenshot.

On the settings page there are a bunch of scheduled jobs that do not seem to be getting cleared(3rd screenshot). This is a 5.0 rule, so maybe it's a bug I am not aware of or have forgotten about. Or maybe there is an issue with how I made the rule, if so someone enlighten me.

The last screenshot shows what jobs are scheduled after I clear the rule by clicking done and resaving. I think I had opened the rule before and looked at it and saved it again and I didn't see the error again for awhile. Apparently the jobs are queuing up and after so many it starts throwing errors.

Yes, this is a known bug with this type of predicate rule (now "required expression") in Rule 5.0 and possibly early versions of Rule 5.1 that has since been addressed. Re-creating the rule (which would make it the current Rule 5.1) would solve this problem.


Ok I will re do it.