Bug report: Virtual thermostat throws rounding exception

Good morning,

fiddling with vstats again. I get an exception in the logs: "java.lang.ArithmeticException: Rounding necessary on line 120 (method manageCycle)"

It seems I can trigger it by stuffing a float/decimal down its throat with a setTemperature() call from RM.

If you have a better place to file bug reports please let me know.

You have to provide a lot more information to tell what's going on. Here is a rule that works fine "stuffing a float/decimal down its throat with a setTemperature() call":


And the resulting device state (note temperature):

Alright, let's see what I can dig up.
So first, to make the solution work since I woke up to a cold house, I added a round() instruction in the rule despite my OCD self wanting to see fractional degrees (yes, it bugs me). The error went away immediately.

Log excerpt:

Rule excerpt (works with round(), throws without):

Hub: C7 with firmware

Does that help at all? Any additional info you'd like me to provide?

Yep, that blows for me too. Will root out the issue with it.

Well get this fixed in the next hot fix.

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