[BUG REPORT] Device Firmware Updater tries to query excluded devices

The built-in Device Firmware Updater has (what seems like) a bug (although a pretty minor one): When you click the "Update Z-Wave Firmware" button, the app remembers the device that was previously selected in the "Select Device" drop-down, even if the previously selected device has subsequently been excluded from the hub and is no longer available.

I'm manually moving all my Z-Wave devices from a C7 to a C8 hub. I know I could have used the migration tool, but in my experience updating the firmware on a device requires excluding an including it, so I figured if I was going switch hubs, I might as well use this opportunity to update the firmware on my devices.

I've been using the following procedure:

  1. Update the device firmware.
  2. Exclude the device from the old C7 hub.
  3. Include the device on the new C8 hub.
  4. Repeat for the next device.

I encountered the bug on step 4. When I clicked the "Update Z-Wave Firmware" button, it attempted to query the device I had just excluded, and I got an error message. I don't recall the error message, but it happened every time I clicked the "Update Z-Wave Firmware" button.

The solution I found was to remove the app and reinstall it. Now, following step 1, I make sure to change the "Select Device" drop-down to "No selection" before proceeding.

It happened again, and I captured a screenshot this time.

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