Bug.. removed multiple admin accounts still shows error on subscription tab

see attachments i did remove the duplicate account but still shows error.

there also is my backup hub that is missing from the account.. can someone look into that as well.


also how do i sign up with all 3 of my hubs with the discount.. just doing one doesn't show the option for the others.

Use the multi-hubs "discount code" on any subsequent hubs, after the first one, and you will see the $10 "discount".

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thanks got first two hubs subscribed but subscription tab still broken..

now to boot up the backup hub.. update the f/w (i assume i need to subscribe that as well)

I was not able to get to the Subscribe option yesterday. This morning I was able to access it and sign up all three hubs (with the discount on two of them). I didn't reboot but the overnight backup occurred . . .



i was able to sign up form the other page showing the button above.. but the subscribe tab on the hub still borked.. will wait till tommorrow to try as dont feel like trying a reboot.. thanks

cloud backup settings worked so it obviously knows hub is subscribed

You can wait, or you can reboot the hub.

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