[Bug] Opening Dashboard from Dashboard in iOS Webapp

I have my home dashboard setup on my homescreen on my iphone. When you launch it, it opens as a webapp (without the address bar etc).

If you click on a dashboard, it then opens up that dashboard in the browser. It would probably be best to keep it within the same webapp.

Just reporting this.

This was reported and should be fixed in the next release.
See below


Excellent.. thanks.

Thank you!

Hello @stephack,

Sorry to reopen this topic but having a question.
I've created Dashboard with links to navigate between them.
I've created the iOS home screen shortcut to make dashboard available straight from the home.
When I click the icon it open the 1st dashboard perfectly and looks great with no navigation bar. Nevertheless, when I click a link, it open a navigation within the same window (showing address bar and back forward arrows) to display 2nd dashboard.... I've tested with other websites and I don't have the issue.
Anything I'm missing here? (I'm using latest version of iOS and Hubitat)

Thanks in advance for your help

Unfortunately there isn't much I can do to assist. I'm an android user and no longer user Hubitat. This is an issue for an extremely old version of the dashboard too so I would recommend you create a new post outlining what you are seeing with screenshots. Someone in this great community will happily assist.

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Thanks a lot for you reply @stephack will check with hubitat team and community