Bug: Notifier increases volume louder and LOUDER

I have a Notifier set up to announce door openings on Sonos speakers. The Notifier works great, repeating if the door remains open.

The problem is when the Notifier is activated later, it's a little louder than the previous time. After five or six activations, the volume is near the maximum of the speaker, so it's ridiculously loud.

• It doesn't seem to increase the volume while repeating the notification during a single activation.
• It doesn't seem to increase the volume of all of the Sonos speakers that announce the notification. Just some of them.
• I have to go to the Sonos app and check each speaker to find the one(s) with high volumes, then turn them down.

Check the value of this setting on your Sonos device in Hubitat:

I haven't done much experimenting with this but suspect it could be the problem (I occasionally notice something similar). My suspicion is that if you set it to 0, this won't happen.


This is how I fixed the same problem with my Sonos speaker. The issue occurs when you have back to back TTS commands issued to the device. They both ratchet the volume up, and I believe only one of them puts the volume back down.

@mike.maxwell - Is this something you could take a look at? I am wondering if a second Speak command adjusts the volume UP based on the device user preference in addition to the first Speak command adjusting it UP. But perhaps only the last one lowers the volume back down? This results in the volume constantly increasing over time, for users with back-to-back TTS commands. Thanks!


@bertabcd1234, That worked! Thanks for that workaround.

The TTS Level Adjust appears to be a useful feature. Hopefully this bug can be fixed soon.

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Ah, the curse of the "creeping volume".

I especially love when that reaches Level 90 in dead quiet at 3AM after the resident racoon finds it's way in and triggers the motion sensor in the barn. Gotta re-aim that thing. :crazy_face: