Bug (NOT) In Required Expression - Between Two Times

Found this "interesting feature" when I was trying to use Between Two Times as a required expression in RM. I entered 2:00 AM as the first time, but RM stored 1:00 AM instead. I tried a few different times, and it was always off by 1 hour. Possible DST error? I'm not sure whether to enter 2:00 AM or 1:00 AM if what I actually want is 2:00 AM.

The same thing happens when using Between Two Times in an IF statement.

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I believe this has been a well-known issue with DateTime values across the platform, such as when attempting to set a specific instant using variables (in this case Local to RM):

Last I heard, it's a feature not a bug, depending on whom you ask. For instance, in this example, the one-hour adjustment is happening because the future date falls after Daylight Saving Time ends later this year. If I had chosen the month of April instead (during DST), the resulting time would have been displayed as "3:00 AM".

Worth knowing so you can plan ahead (literally). Not sure this is covered explicitily in the Docs, but do read this passage for possible clues.

I would buy that if I were using a date, but this is between two times with no dates involved, and the times don't even cross midnight. And I can verify that it didn't use to work this way because I've set up rules in the past where the times I entered were honored exactly as I entered them and not "adjusted."

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I wonder however if it might still be related to the time change… What happens if you set the same rule today?

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It does, indeed, work fine today. Thanks.


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