Bug: Mode Manager didn't handle sunrise properly today (DST related?)

I have mode manager configured to change to Day at the earlier of "sunrise - 30" or 7am:

This has been working correctly until today (when time changed):

sunrise times:

Yesterday sunrise was at 06:25, so mode change should have been 05:55. This worked correctly. (Well, within about 1 minute, anyway.)

Today sunrise was at 7:23, so mode change should have been at 06:53, but didn't happen until 7:00..

@bravenel I just saw a discussion on this issue in another thread. Let me know if any further information would be helpful. (The mode manager config hasn't changed in several months.)

Not Mode Manager but I have a rule that turns a few inside lights on 90 minutes before Sunset that didn't work today.

Local Sunset is 19:12 so the lights should have turned on at 17:42. It is now 17:49.

I checked and the hub time is correct. Something seems to be off with Sunrise & Sunset.

The lights did finally turn on at 18:36, about 36 minutes before sunset.