Bug: Mode Manager crashes

When I'm trying to setup a 'Later of two times' time trigger for a mode in Mode Manager. I'm running version on C-7.

When I choose 'Variable time':

I end up with this:

and after that, I have to uninstall Mode Manager and re-add it to get away from the error page.

Do you have a Time Date hub variable setup that can be used? It shouldn't do that but maybe not having anything it can list causes an error. There should also be some type of error posted in your logs, maybe that would shed some light. If you have a variable setup then I don't know.

Yes, I have several, and using them in rules and in RL:


In fact, what I'm in the middle of trying to do is set Mode Manager up similarly, so I can use modes instead of time periods in RL.

The only error in the log is the same as in the UI -- Cannot get property 'value' on null object.

And it works fine to use variables-based times for 'single time' settings.

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