Bug/missing option

While adding a required expression, where I am comparing a value between 2 numbers using "in" comparator, I see that there is an option for "Relative to a variable", this is working great when the comparator is anything other than "in"
But when "in" is used there should be TWO "Relative to a variable" toggles..
otherwise, it is half baked.. and you end up having to come back to the required conditions to edit it, rather than just modifying the variables externally for the rules that use "in" comparator
so that when "in" comparator is used, there should be ability to have "Relative to cariable for each of the low limit value and the high limit value

unlike in the image below where I can only choose the option for the low limit, and the high limit has to be "hard coded"

maybe this could be fixed in upcoming versions ?