Bug in Simple Lighting?

I updated my hub to and I'm now having problems with Simple Lighting.

When I try to create a rule to turn off a switch "at a specific time", the UI shows edit boxes for hours and minutes. No matter what I set these to, the values are not stored.

I've checked this by going back in to edit the rule (both fields are empty) and by looking at the Settings for the rule (atTime has an empty value).

Is this a known issue? Any suggestion on a work-around?

Sometimes using a different web browser can help. Also, make sure you click Done at the bottom of each page until you are all the way back out of editing the rule.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried Edge browser and that worked fine.

Originally was using Chrome.

If you have extensions like uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger etc you may want to check to see if they are blocking certain page elements of the UI..

I use uBlock Origin on Chrome for Mac and it doesn't affect anything. I'm able to set a specific time with simple lighting on the 2.0.7.x beta, so maybe this was an issue that will be resolved soon.

Tagging @patrick, just in case this a Chrome for Windows issue that might still exist.

I use Chrome on Linux with no extensions and it seems to work fine so maybe a Windows Chrome issue like you said. I also have uBlock and PB on my Windows laptop and I think it works okay too but haven't really tested it all that much.

I've been having odd results with this plugin. I ended up moving all my simple lighting rules into the rule machine.

I found sometimes they weren't triggering and I'd have to reboot the hub to get it to work again.

Now that i moved them to the rule machine, everything is working fine.

Keep in mind I've only had my hub for a week now.