Bug in simple automation 1.1, firmware version

Intermittant. Usually after a few hours of inactivity. I personally am not optimistic, but we'll see over time. I can't see it being the ecolink since logs show the door opening and closing in real time.

And the fact that the same setup, (sensors and devices)
work fine in 2.2.3 points to some of the zwave signaling and stability changes they made in 2.2.4

I wish there was a little more transparancy as to whether they found the issue and are addressing it or ignoring it because not many people have it or are not reporting it! I have had a couple of other issues since going back to 2.2.3 I think due to the restore etc., but not once a contact sensor opening with a delay turning on the light. I had to remove my resume/pause rule machine rule due to intermittant errors in the logs and change it to a virtual switch that i check whether or not to signal that the rule is "paused".

Well, you can't blame me for not blabbing about it.
At least this simple to fix problem is solved.

On a side note, we just had a momentary power flicker in the high winds here near Albany, NY. Maybe I'll do another backup.

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