Bug in setting state variable, no atomic operation

Is there a way to force the hub to flush the setting of a state variable.. i set it inside a mutex and even now just tried a pause execution but it is not flushing the setting and the next execution of the device is finding the value has an old value.. how do you synchronize if you cannot force it to atomically set a variable.. This used to work in old versions ie 2.2.3 ? @gopher.ny


Devices have atomicState starting with 2.2.5. Using atomicState comes at a cost (just as it does with apps), so use regular state whenever possible.

thanks but i was under the impression atomic state only update at the exit of the run through the device handler.. that wont work for me as i have multiple executions going on at once.. or has something changed.

That's what regular state does. Atomic state is effectively single instance per app/device and synchronized.

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