Bug in rule machine notification for hsm it not passing the correct device

see screenshots instead of the device that triggered the hsm alert it is just passing the location name for the hub "Hancock"

The %device% variable refers to the specific device that triggered the rule, if any. In the case of HSM, I believe that information is abstracted away (inside HSM) by the time it gets out to Rule Machine (or any subscribing app), so this won't be able to work like that. (As you may have seen, the typical use for this is with a trigger like "Senor ABC *changed* OR Sensor XYZ *changed*" and then you could have an action with text like "%device% is %value%").

If you want to keep using RM for this, the best workaround would probably checking each device and building a string containing the devices you're tying to check. It's not pretty, but here's something I used to do with locks (different goal, but same idea for how to build your notification string):

(You could make this a tad simpler and use Simple Conditionals instead of "full" conditionals in most cases, everywhere I'm only testing a single condition and have a single action, but I have a preference for full conditionals. But I found this unwieldy enough that I wrote an app to handle it instead.)

But is there a reason you want to use RM for this at all? The HSM app itself can do notifications. There you'll be able to get notified for the specific device. Or, an alternative would be to just leave HSM out and subscribe to (trigger off of) the senors directly in RM instead. You could test HSM arm state or use a virtual switch or other device to restrict these notifications as needed, which would get you close to HSM behavior.

the solution really would be to allow hsm to send more than one notification.. it is correct at that point, but i have a standard notificaton there.. unfortunately... I guess i could try parsing the message then sending out the other messages.. anyway hsm shoould allow more than one notificatoin

HSM's notification for water alerts does alert the specific sensor. I've setup and get push notifications that 'water sensor xxx has detected a leak' for each sensor that I have monitored in HSM. If you want a different alert setup then remove water notifications from HSM and use RM instead but setup a the trigger event to be all your water sensors. If any of those sensors detect water then your rule above should work as you intended as the %device% variable would indeed be the offending sensor. I have a similar rule setup for monitoring the battery level on my contact sensors and it works well (at least reporting-wise, battery monitoring is flaky at best).

yes it does at least for my zwave plus ecolink sensors i got the message direct from hsm settings and it told me exactly which sensor it was when i was just recently testing it. but only inside the notify option in hsm. but thanks i may take u up on it and rewrite the detection in rm

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