Bug in Motion Lighting?

@bravenel , I have a ML instance with two contact sensors set to keep ML from shutting off the lights. The problem I’m having is that if one of them is “opened” the lights shut off after the delay even though the other door is still closed.
I have checked the device pages and everything is reporting correctly. I then recreated the instance and also performed a soft reset/restore in case there was some type of database corruption causing this. The results haven’t changed; the lights shut off every time both contacts are closed and one of them opens. I know that I can solve this problem with a virtual switch combining the two sensors input, but thought I should report this in case there’s an easy fix.

p.s. I also now see that ML gets confused if I also use one of the contact sensors to turn on the lights without triggering the motion sensor, so I included the events page from the Hue motion sensor to show that it was not triggered. Again I can easily fix this by using a motion zone with the contact sensor and Hue sensor together in the zone.

I see the bug and it will be fixed in the next release.

Yeah, this will be fixed also.


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